Sint Maarten – Saint Martin

 “Igniting the mind, inspiring the spirit and penetrating the heart, every single day. Ensuring the creation of memories in paradise that will last you a lifetime.”

St. Maarten / St. Martin – two countries on one Island = SXM, a unique paradise located in the Caribbean Sea.

Visiting this island will leave you with unforgettable experiences shared with family and friends. On SXM you can find over 100 different nationalities within just 34 square miles. Such diversity makes St. Maarten / St. Martin the most multicultural and various nation in the entire world.

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Spots you DO NOT want to miss before leaving SXM!

Whether you’re on the Dutch side or French side, there are numerous places worth a visit. Places to see, taste, feel, entertain, score, pleasure or experience. Each spot has its own special reason to visit: shopping, nightlife, beaches, activities, and history. However, they all share one thing in common – FUN! Click here to visit the TOP SPOTS of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.

Use our island map that will guide you to places which guarantee a memorable experience during your stay here in St. Martin.

Visit all We Are! SXM Top Spots and let us know which is your favorite! Read more…

Best locations to visit in Sint Maarten-Saint Martin
ACTIVITIES, Tours & Things to do St. Maarten - St. Martin Zipline, Joga, Sports, Make Perfume, Island Tours, Nature, History, Hikes, Bird park, Animals etc. Google

Best activities and things to do on Sint Maarten/Saint Martin!

The island strives to make your stay an unforgettable one! No matter how you like to spend your days on Sint Maarten/St. Martin, we have what you’re looking for: nature, beaches, history, shopping, drinks, food, and more. Here it doesn’t matter who you are or what you like to do – you name it, we have it!

View the best Activities Sint Maarten/Saint Martin has to offer such as bird park, perfume creations, zip-lining, hiking, sports, yoga, island tours, pub crawl, and more.

We Are! SXM offers specials with our partnering businesses on the island. Create your own memories in paradise. Read more…

An Island full of water activities!

Surrounded by the most pristine water, Sint Maarten/Saint Martin is heaven for any lover of the blue ocean! With some of the largest marinas in the Caribbean and people traveling here from around the globe, the boating industry is booming on SXM. Therefore, there are endless watersport activities to choose from.

Choose between a variety of options to explore the island’s waterworld: catamarans, sailboats, yachts, powerboats, rhino riders, jet skis, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, hoverboards, jet packs, flyboards, tubing, and more. Another option is to explore the underwater life of SXM with snorkeling or scuba diving trips.

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Best Boat Tours & Watersports St. Martin - St. Maarten: Sailing-Yachts-Boat-trip-Snorkeling-Diving-Catamaran-Flyboard, Jet Ski-Tubing-Blue-Ocean - Google
Best Restaurants and places to eat on St Martin 2020, Dinner in St Maarten, Sint Maarten fine Dining, Food variety, Culinary Capital. Google.

The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean!

If you like variety in your meals then you are in the right place as Sint Maarten/Saint Martin has over 300 restaurants! With over 100 different nationalities inhabiting  SXM, this brings a wide range of cuisines and influences to your dish. 

Influences such as the Caribbean, American, Canadian, Indian, Surinamese, Italian, French, Dutch, Lebanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Jamaican, Creole, Colombian, Venezuelan, Turkish, German, Peruvian, South African, Russian, Japanese, English, Polish, and much more. This is what we like to call “The Melting Pot” of the Caribbean.

See the We Are! SXM restaurant selection and start creating your own restaurant experience! Read more…

Let’s get the party started!

With the Nightlife on Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, you can dance and enjoy all night long!

Refresh with a  tropical cocktail or ice cold Heineken beer after a fun day in the Caribbean sun. With many different bars and clubs to choose from, every day is a party on St Maarten/St Martin!

Start your evening in one of the many top-notch cocktail bars such as Bamboo Bar, Ocean Lounge, Palapa Grill, Temps de Cherises, The Boon, Kakao, Kontiki, Indigo Beach and much more. Test your luck in the casinos or party late-night at Rhythm & Booze, Red Piano, Marty’s, or Lotus Nightclub!

See our We Are! SXM specials that get your night going. Make sure not to forget your dancing shoes and flex your hips in advance! Read more…

St. Maarten/St. Martin 2019/2020 - Best Nightlife, Party, Bars, Clubs, Casino's, Cocktail bars, Tapas, Ladies, Gentlemen, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Rock and Roll, House, Salsa, Bachata, Blues, Soca etc. Google.
St Maarten/St Martin 2020 - Best Wellness and Beauty: Spa, Massage, Hairdresser, Yoga, Pedicure, Manicure, Natural Products, Make Perfume, Body treatment, Facial Treatment, Acupuncture, Organic products. Google.

De-stress and Rejuvenate on SXM!

Do you long for a relaxing day all for yourself at the spa, getting a massage, or a makeover? Or get together with your partner or friends during a relaxing day on St Maarten.

SXM is not just about the beaches and sun! Revitalize yourself by choosing between several of SXM’s Beauty and Wellness options: make your own perfume or natural products, rejuvenate at the spa, get a makeover at a French hairdresser, relax with a massage, pedicure or manicure, and more.

The possibilities are endless!

Find the best beauty and wellness services and get that experience you deserve! It’s YOU time! Read more…

Feel right at home in Paradise!

Feel like a celebrity with the top accommodations and lodging options on Sint Maarten / Saint Martin!

Wake up with an ocean view, a relaxing breeze, and palm trees dancing in the wind. Get pampered by room service delivering you a delicious breakfast before stepping outside your porch to feel the sand between your toes. If you’re visiting for a business trip, check out some great rooms in Philipsburg or Simpson Bay.

Everything is possible on SXM!

Choose how you like to wake up and when you do, enjoy the We Are! SXM specials for super discounts! Read more…

Best Loding options 2020 - Accommodations and places to sleep, Villa's, Hotels, Condominium on St. Martin / St.Maarten 2019/2020. Stay in Paradise, Caribbean Vacation on Sint Maarten-Saint Martin. Google.
Best Transportation - Rental options on Sint Maarten - Saint Martin 2020: Taxi, Bus, Limousine, Spyder, Trike, Harley, ATV, Car Rental, Scooter, Private Chauffeur, Events, Island Tours. Google.

Best ways to get around on SXM!

Arrive in style and reach home safely after an evening of drinking, or enjoy being guided around our magical island!

Choose between rental cars, scooters, Harley, limousine, buses, ATVs, Trike, or public transport. Most importantly is that you and your party enjoy safe and responsible transportation. Therefore we made a selection of the best ways to move around, top class rental options, funniest cab drivers and the most badass ways of transportation.

Wherever you go, reach it in style!

Choose your way of transportation, enjoy the We Are! SXM specials and explore St Maarten / Saint Martin to the fullest! Read more…

If you’re a shopaholic that likes to discover the most unique stores in the Caribbean then you’re in the right place on Sint Maarten!

From locally made products to top tier brands, SXM has it all: souvenirs, perfumes, handbags, clothing, jewelry, natural products, alcohol, or anything else. The island is home to some of the most prestige jewelry stores of the world. And best of all, you shop TAX-FREE in SXM, which saves you up to 30%!

Another tip that can save you money: buy over-the-counter medicine on St. Maarten!

Plan your day full of shopping with the We Are! SXM specials and start filling up your shopping bag! Read more…

Tax Free - Duty Free Shopping - Best stores on St Martin - St Maarten 2020 - SXM: Jewelry, Art, Flowers, Loose Diamonds, Watches, Top-Tier Brands, Food, Pharmaceutical products, Clothing, Souvenirs.
Bartenders, Personal conciërge, nanny, wedding planner, Photography, Videography, Chef, DJ, Service.

When you visit an island like Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, there’s nothing better than to give your vacation an extra impulse. This you can do by hiring some of the great services available on SXM.

Hire a private bartender, hairdresser, DJ, concierge, or chef for your villa stay. Choose from one of our trusted care-takers to watch over your kids while you are out and about.

Need help planning that once in a lifetime event on SXM such as a wedding? Our magical island is home to passionate professionals, which are here to assist you in creating your wonderful memories!

We Are! SXM made some special arrangements with these professionals – see what they can do for you! Read more…