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If you like variety in your meals then you are in the right place as Sint Maarten/Saint Martin has over 300 restaurants! With over 100 different nationalities inhabiting  SXM, this brings a wide range of cuisines and influences to your dish.

Influences such as the Caribbean, American, Canadian, Indian, Surinamese, Italian, French, Dutch, Lebanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Jamaican, Creole, Colombian, Venezuelan, Turkish, German, Peruvian, South African, Russian, Japanese, English, Polish, and much more. This is what we like to call “The Melting Pot” of the Caribbean.

Dining - Restaurants Sint Maarten

Find some great We Are! SXM specials and start creating your own restaurant experience!

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RDVLounge Porto Cupecoy - French - Italian Cuisine

Terrace style dining located in a Mediterranean village Porto Cupecoy in Dutch Sint Maarten.
At Rendez Vous Lounge you enjoy French & Italian Cuisine prepared with only the freshest ingredients.
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