SXM Top Spots

Whether you’re on the Dutch side or French side, there are numerous places worth a visit. Places you have to visit and explore for yourself.
Each spot has its own special reason: shopping, nightlife, beaches, activities, restaurants, history and more. However, they all share one thing in common – FUN! 

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Virtual Reality Map

St. Maarten-St. Martin Virtual Reality TOP SPOTS interactive Island Map, scroll to zoom, left click to move, right click to tilt. Go explore!

Regular Road Map

St. Maarten-St. Martin TOP SPOTS Road Map, check & explore!

Sint Maarten Island Map

Top areas, top activities, top restaurants, hard to find places, top beaches, top bartenders, and a lot more you’ll find on this page below.
Use our services and find these places which guarantee a memorable experience during your stay in SXM.

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Must visit, top spots, best locations on St Martin-St Maarten.
Top Areas on St. Maarten / St. Martin
Maho & Cupecoy
Orient Bay
Grand Case & Hope Estate
Simpson Bay & Cole Bay
Anse Marcel & Pinel
Oyster Pond
Dutch Quarter & French Quarter
Best Beaches of St. Maarten-St. Martin-Sint Maarten-Saint Martin-Maho Beach-Mullet Bay-Grand Case Beach-Orient Beach-Le Galion-Great Bay Beach-Simpson Bay Beach-Longue Bay Beach-Plum Bay-Indigo Beach-Cupecoy Beach-Nettle Bay Beach-Happy Bay-Friars Bay
Top beaches on SXM
Maho Bay, Mullet & Burgeaux Bay Beach
Orient Bay Beach
Friars Bay, Lovers Bay & Happy Bay Beach
Great Bay Beach
Le Galion & Coralita Beach
Long Bay Beach & Plum Bay Beach
Grand Case Bay Beach
Simpson Bay Beach & Kimsha Beach
Pinel Island Beach
Anse Marcel & Indigo Bay Beach
Petit Bay & Petite + Grande Cayes Beach
Restaurants Saint Martin, Dinner in St. Martin, Restaurants French side: Dining, Food variety, Culinary Capital.
Top Restaurants French Saint Martin
Loterie Farm, Pic Paradis
Sol e Luna, Mont Vernon
Bistrot Caraibes, Grand Case
La Cigale, Nettle Bay
Le Tropicana, Marigot
Le Temps de cerises, Grand Case
Rainbow Cafe, Grand Case
L’astrolabe, Orient Bay
Le Cottage, Grand Case
La Villa, Grand Case
L’Atelier, Orient Bay
BEST BEACH BARS St. Maarten - St. Martin 2019: Kakao, Bikini, Karakter, The Boon, Rainbow Cafe, Driftwood, Ocean Lounge, Buccaneer, Yellow Beach, KKO, El Zafiro, Kontiki.
Top Beach bars St. Maarten/St. Martin
Rainbow Café, Beach Club & Restaurant, Grand Case
The Boon beach bar & restaurant, Simpson Bay
Ocean Lounge beach bar, Great bay Beach
KKO beach bar & restaurant, Orient Beach
Buccaneer beach bar & restaurant, Kim Sha Beach
Indigo beach bar & restaurant, Indigo Bay
Karakter beach bar & restaurant, Simpson Bay
Roxxy beach: bar & restaurant, Kim Sha Beach
Yellow beach: bar & restaurant, Pinel Island
Driftwood boat bar & restaurant, Maho beach
Hard to find places St Maarten-St Martin: La Belle Creole, Natural Pool, Wildernis, David's Hole, Fort Amsterdam, Fort Louis, Lovers Beach, Pic Paradis, Pinel Island.
Hard to find places on SXM
La Belle Creole
Pic Paradis
Natural Pool
Lovers Beach
Lagoonies Bistro & Bar
Fort Amsterdam
Pinel Island
Fort Louis
Fat Turtle Yacht Marina Bar & Restaurant

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