SXM Transportation

Arrive in style and reach home safely after an evening of drinking, or enjoy being guided around our magical island!

Choose between rental cars, scooters, Harley, limousine, buses, ATVs, Trike, or public transport. Most importantly is that you and your party enjoy safe and responsible transport. Therefore we made a selection of the best ways to move around, top class rental options, funniest cab drivers and the most badass ways of transportation.

Wherever you go, reach it in style!

Best Transportation on Sint Maarten - Saint Martin 2019/2020: Taxi, Bus, Limousine, Spyder, Trike, Harley, ATV, Car Rental, Scooter, Private Chauffeur, Events, Island Tours.

Choose your way of transportation, enjoy the We Are! SXM specials below and explore St Maarten / Saint Martin to the fullest!

What are you waiting for? Get going!