We Are! SXM – About US

A group of professionals that lives, loves and shares the beautiful island of Sint Maarten – Saint Martin = SXM! United by one company, We Are! SXM. We Are, Fresh, Ambitious, Creative, and not to forget Epicurious!

Over the years we’ve explored the island all over and with this webpage, we like to share our experiences with everyone. We like to guide you to the best things to do on both (Dutch) Sint Maarten and (French) Saint Martin in the most personal way. Doing this, we create memories for everyone on beautiful SXM.

Trust us to find the best activities, most comfortable accommodations, fastest transport, exciting nightlife, and the best services available on SXM. With our unique specials, we make it even more interesting for you.

We Are! SXM stands for Fun, Romance, Excitement, Relaxation and above all Happiness.

Let’s start Creating your Memories!

Our beliefs!

We strongly believe that together we, inhabitants and visitors alike, make our island special. Meaning we are all the Island: We Are! SXM.

We Are! SXM represents a community of local professionals within the tourism industry, working together to ensure a quality vacation for all. Go Local!

Core business: To advise and ensure a unique and valuable vacation for everyone visiting Sint Maarten / Saint Martin = SXM. We recommend only the most trusted companies on SXM to you, which operate in line with our mission, vision, and core values.

Focus: less quantity, more quality, less mass, more class! This guarantees you: lifetime memories on our charming, little paradise.

Mission Statement: To help Sint Maarten / Saint Martin thrive by working together, enabling every visitor to find the best locations, things to do, and services to enjoy.

Vision: Realizing the full potential of the Island’s community and improving the quality and sustainability of long-term tourism.

Core Values: Instilling core values such as:

Quality: Delivering the “WOW” effect with our services
Trust: Building open and honest relationships through communication
Teamwork: Building a confident team with a family spirit
Diversity: Embracing the island’s diverse community
Collaboration: Creating a sense of community by working together
Leadership: Pursuing progressive growth and learning on SXM
Passion: Committing to inspire: adventure, creativity, and open-mindedness
Support: Supporting the growth of our local and unique businesses

Be humble, be friendly, be SXM!

Sunny Greetings,

Roy van Zutphen

Founder / Managing Director We Are! SXM

Like to meet us? Send us an email*: hello@wearesxm.com

We Are! SXM team

Peter Sagnia Film, Commercial and Video productions

Good Day, Madam / Sir:

My name is Peter Sagnia, CEO and founder of Peter Sagnia Films is a film and video production based in Sint Maarten. We provide industry standard commercials, infomercials, and content for brands and businesses internationally.

About myself:

For over 25 years I have been involved in Film and Video production. Originally from London, England where I attended the “Anna Scher acting school” and went on to college to study “Television & Video Production, Politics, and Communications”. After visiting St.Maarten in the early 90s, I officially moved to the island in 2003.

About my work:

Our productions include Antillean Green Card, ‘Mixed Blessings’ The feature film ‘Consumed’, ‘Preciosa’, the Web Mini-series ‘Family’ and much more. We have produced several commercials for corporations and companies including Port Sint Maarten, St-Maarten.com, NBC, FOX, KFC, Pizza Hut, Maho Sonesta, UTS Windward Island Banks, and many more.

Peter Sagnia reviews

Reaching more by cooperation:

Together with We Are! SXM we make industry standard commercials for your company and brand that will guarantee impact and exposure.

Like to know more? Send us an email: hello@wearesxm.com

Peter Sagnia, Film Director / Commercial and Video Production
Kristy Kreme Promotions Manager - Event Manager

Kristy Kreme Freelance Promotions Manager - Event Manager

Hello Everybody!

My name is Kristy Kreme, clearly not my given name but it is who I am.   I was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada.

About Myself

I received my Bachelor degree in Social and Family Relations and then attended a Post-Graduate program in Corporate Communications and Public Relations.  Both of these very close to where I grew up in Canada where I thought I would always remain.  But life gives us opportunities and I traveled to Kenya, Africa for a year of volunteering with a UN based NGO. My wanderlust was born and since then I’ve lived on 4 different continents and spent 15 years working on board some of the biggest cruise ships in the world. I have fallen in love with the world and all the amazing things it has to offer.

Promoting SXM

St. Maarten is home now and every day I am awestruck by the brilliant blue waters, the vibrant energy and the friendliest people. I started KK Promotions and Events in an effort to bring more attention to St. Maarten and everything the island has to offer.   Working with We Are! SXM does just that!

Together we write the best content for your business, all to create more awareness, traffic and higher revenue.

Like to know more? Send us an email: hello@wearesxm.com

Kristy Kreme Promotions Manager - Event ManagerKristy Kreme, Promotions Manager - Writer - Proof reader
Souleyman T. Photography

Souleyman T. Photography Logo

Good day,  Madam / Sir:

My name is Souleyman Titah, born in Paris, raised in Saint-Barthélemy and now living in Saint-Martin for 5 years.

About myself:

I’m a professional photographer based in Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten, French Caribbean. My passion is capturing moments, feelings and nature. But I’m perfectly capable to complete professional and corporate projects which my experiences show. In my believe versatility is the sign of progress.


studying in Paris, traveling around the world and living in the Caribbean I got the pleasure to meet great skilled people… These people are incredible inspirational sources. As I studied biology, I am sensitive to nature and its secrets. The nights bring some of my favorite moments to capture. Finally, I believe that we have to look far to capture perfection, we are all surrounded by wonderful sources of inspiration.

My experience:

In the past years I worked for various clients like Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta, We Are SXM, Rendez Vous Lounge, Trace TV, Discover Dominica, Mardis de Grand Case, Kalaboom Events, Gold & Guest Weddings, Fée des Caraïbes and much more. And hopefully, a lot more will follow!

Working together:

With We Are SXM we create the best pictures for your promotion, this to guarantee impact and results.

Like to know more, send us an email: hello@wearesxm.com

Souleyman T. PhotographySouleyman T. Photography, Photo Director / Photography production
Sander Tielemans Ezie

Sander Tielemans

Good Day, Madam / Sir:

My name is Sander Tielemans, born and raised in Veghel, the Netherlands, and now living, studying and working in Eindhoven.

About myself

From young, I was into IT and what started as a hobby became a form of income over time. About 8 years ago I started web design and as my skills improved more projects came my way.

About my work

With Ezie Web we build, maintain and develop several webpages like wearesxm.com, vanzutphenservicebv.nl, commodoresuites.com, eziesound.nl, etc.

Working together

In 2016 Roy and I started this project to build a website for Sint Maarten / Saint Martin: www.wearesxm.com
We are very glad to be closely involved with We Are SXM as we love the island and working on it already gives us a feeling of vacation!

Together with We Are! SXM we build industry standard webpages that guarantee extra awareness and traffic to your business.

Like to know more? Send us an email: hello@wearesxm.com

Sander Tielemans EzieSander Tielemans, Director Ezie / Web director & developer We Are! SXM
Roy van Zutphen - Managing Director - Marketing Consultant - We Are! SXM

Team We Are SXM - About Us

Good Day, Madam / Sir:

My name is Roy van Zutphen, born in a little town in the south of the Netherlands, called Erp. This is where my name was chosen by my beloved parents.

About myself:

From birth on, I’ve always been an active kid. Exploring, learning and enjoying everything new, was all I ever cared for. After a great childhood in the Netherlands, I got my Bachelor degree in Sports, Management and Tourism. Enjoyed jobs in Austria (Skiing teacher + Bartender), Belgium (Operational Manager Outdoor Sports), and the Netherlands (Planning, Sales & Sports) before falling in love with Sint Maarten.

Past on SXM:

Started as a bar manager/host in several extraordinary places like Holland House, IGY Marina and Villa’s in Low Lands. This is where I had the opportunity to meet lots of great people, all asking the same questions: “Where should I go”, “What should I do” and “Who should I contact”. That’s where I started to personally guide people around to the best places on SXM.

How it started:

This is where We Are! SXM came to life in 2015 with the mission to create experiences, pleasures, smiles, and memories for all. Allowing service and product providers on St. Martin / St. Maarten a chance to make everything more meaningful! Over the years companies like; Heineken, Heineken Regatta, St-Maarten.com, and La Venezia trusted us to represent them. With We Are! SXM we are a voice for businesses and services and a hallmark for quality and fun!

Ready to create many more memories, together with our partners and with the confidence from you all!

Enjoy the webpage, and our mesmerizing paradise; Sint Maarten / Saint Martin!

Like to know more? Click on my personal LinkedIn or send me an email: iamroy@wearesxm.com

Roy van Zutphen - Managing Director - Marketing Consultant - We Are! SXMRoy van Zutphen, Managing Director / Marketing Consultant